FERGÉ provides a unique assortment of suitcases, luggage and business bags:

French aesthetics and Swiss functionality brought to life with the French savoir-vivre.

You can already hear the sea roaring, you feel the sun on your skin and you can’t wait to get away from work? You would like to travel, but are still missing the right companion? Then you’ve come to the right place. No matter what trip you have planned, we have the right hard or soft shell suitcase for you.

Many thousands of customers have already gone on their own personal journey with us and shared their unique experiences on the road with their high-quality travel companions made of ABS and polycarbonate or nylon.

Be the next and go on a journey with luggage by FERGÉ…


We provide modern luggage for your personal style, wheather you are going on a business trip, having a family vacation or a weekend with your friends. No matter what occasion for, we got you well equipped there.

Our luggages and bags combine functionality and style.


FERGÉ Paris was founded by Mr Fergé, a businessman from Geneva. He often traveled to Paris and saw the opportunitiy to offer a new, unconventional luggage brand to offer something new to the world.